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Fresh Kelagur, Amrut Cask Aged Coffee Stater Pack With Clever Dripper (Coffee Maker)

Indulge in a beautiful, fresh brew at the comfort of your home with our Clever Dripper starter pack. It comes with a pack of one of our most special coffees, Amrut Cask Aged.

What's a Clever Dripper?
It's an intelligently designed coffee maker that brews three styles of coffees; French Press style Immersion, a Japanese style Pour Over, and a delicious slowly extracted ColdBrew! It comes with its own filter papers and a brewing guide.

What's more?
This starter pack comes at a special, discounted price, only available for a limited period!

If you have any queries about this brewing method, you can write to us on our website or DM us on Instagram @kcroasters

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