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Poabs Organic - Medium Roast Coffee

This organic coffee is sure to surprise you with it's juicy and fruity mouthfeel. It's quite savoury and great as French Press coffee.

Poabs Organic harvest integrates a holistic approach to cultivation known as 'Biodynamic Agriculture'. The farm makes its own organic pesticides, avoiding use of harmful chemical pesticides to grow coffee cherries. This special environment friendly technique gives the cup a clean, berry-like taste comparable to some of the much-revered East-African varieties. The fruity acidity comes out beautifully when brewed as a pour-over and French Press coffee.

Region: Nelliyampathy, Kerala
Process: Washed Parchment 
Altitude: 3500 Feet
Best with: Clever Dripper, Aeropress, French Press, Electric Brewer
Cupper's Notes: Raspberry, Vanilla, Cocoa

- Best had black and it brews really well as a French Press coffee.
- Our coffee beans are roasted fresh in Mumbai, custom ground to suit your need and shipped in bio-degradable bags.

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