Melkodige Honey| Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

This medium-dark roast has some inherently sweet notes of Banana Pancakes, hot cake syrup, and rosella. We've worked very closely with Melkodige Estate over the years to bring some of the best-tasting coffees.

Hailing from Melkodige estate we've got this very sweet Honey coffee. Hailing at an elevation of 4000 ft, the coffees here are complex tasting and delicate.We had this coffee earlier as a medium-light roast that was extremely fruity. We've experimented with the roast profile and made it medium-dark to enhance its sweetness and nutty undertones.

Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka
Process: Honey Sun-dried
Altitude: 4000 Feet
Best with: Moka pot, Espresso, AeroPress, V60, French Press
Cupper's Notes: Banana Pancakes, hot cake syrup and rosella
- Our fresh coffee beans are roasted in Mumbai, daily.
- All our single origin Arabica coffees go through testing and quality checks at the farm and roast level to ensure a quality and delicious cup each time.

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