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NEW IN ~ Attikan Estate - Medium-Dark Roast Coffee

The deep notes of Apricot Kernels & Caramel combine to enrapture you in a sweet cup, that's beautifully finished with subtle hints of Jasmine.

This beautiful coffee is sourced from Biligiri Hills (B R Hills), known to be one of the highest coffee growing areas in India, making this coffee a flavourful delight. Coffee cherries take longer to mature at higher elevations, resulting in a complex, nuanced cup that is a delight a savour. Biligiri Hills or commonly called as "white hills”, are named after the beautiful mist that hangs over this region. The estate is blessed with Figs & Citrus trees, further adding to the flavours of this coffee.

Region: B R Hills, India 
Process: Washed Processed
Altitude: 5000 Feet 
Best with: AeroPress, Electric Brewer, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter, French Press
Cupper's Notes: Apricot Kernels, Caramel, and Jasmine

- Our fresh coffee beans are roasted in Mumbai, daily.
- All our single origin Arabica coffees go through testing and quality checks at the farm and roast level to ensure quality and a delicious cup each time.

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