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Project Palani (Medium Dark Roast Coffee) - NEW RELEASE!

Our newest release, Project Palani coffee comes from the mighty Pulney's (one of the 25 most diversified hotpots of the world). Savour the fresh notes of orange blossom with hints of roasted almonds and caramel from the very first sip of this flavourful coffee

Region: Pulney, Tamil Nadu
Process: Washed Parchment (Anaerobic)
Altitude: 4750 Feet 
Best with: Espresso, Aeropress, South Indian Filter, Moka Pot
Cupper's Notes: Roasted Almonds, Orange Blossom, Caramel

What's So Special?
Project Palani 80+ involves multiple small coffee farmers and farms from the Pulneys, (also known as Ampthill Downs during the British era, the Easternmost spur of the Western Ghats) located at various locations and are clubbed together varietal based on the altitude that the farm is located. The coffees are then uniquely processed based on these factors to produce complex cups. These coffee plantations are under various shade trees. The primary fruit trees are Jack fruit, Avocado, Guava,  Peach, Custard Apple, Hill Bananas, Tree Tomato,  Oranges & other Citrus. Notably no Silver Oak or Black Pepper is grown in these location. The absence of silver oak trees provides for a more nutrient rich soil, resulting in a more flavourful coffee.

- A lot of precision and care goes into roasting and cupping all our coffees.
- Like all our coffees, this coffee is roasted fresh and shipped to you in bio-degradable bags within 24 hours of roasting it.

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