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Self Brew Combo

One of the smartest coffee makers, our Clever Coffee Dripper makes speciality coffee approachable through its innovative design and versatility, making it ideal for all coffee enthusiasts.

What makes this coffee maker our favourite?
It can brew three different styles of coffees with utmost ease.
The Clever Coffee Dripper makes a French Press, immersion style coffee without the grittiness of French Press. It is loved by coffee aficionados who enjoy a Japanese Pour Over delicate style coffee. For the ones who love low acidity coffee, you can even make cold brew in it and enjoy it as iced coffee. And all this without the hassle of buying a brewing equipment for each brewing method and the cleaning. The filter paper holds the coffee grounds which makes it super easy to clean this coffee maker.

Melkodige Natural - This medium roast has notes of chocolate fudge, black forest cherry, hazelnut toffee, blackberry. We've worked very closely with Melkodige Estate over the years to bring some of the best-tasting coffees.

Pack Contents :

Clever Coffee Dripper
#4 filters (pack of 100)
Coaster & Lid

Melkodige Natural