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The Steam Catcher Gold for Coffee & Tea | Coffee Brewing Equipment

An astute, machine-crafted essential, this Steamcatcher will complement your priceless collection of teaware and coffee ware. The sleek and modish structure of The Steamcatcher induces the flavours of your best grinds while preparing your daily cup of refreshment with absolute perfection.

It comes with a long swan neck and slender spout for slow, steady and controlled pouring. Slow and precise pouring ensures even saturation and prolonged extraction of grounds for flavorful, full-bodied and complex coffees.

It has a built-in thermometer that highlights the temperature of the water.

The elegant symphony of a compact structure and modern functionality makes it a must-have accessory

Frame: Aluminium
Lid: Aluminium
Handle: Bakelite with gold rim
Vessel: Stainless Steel.

Outer Diameter:

Length 107x Width 259 x Height 202mm

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