Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper makes speciality coffee approachable through its innovative design and ease of use making it ideal for beginners while still being enjoyable for the pros. This brewing system incorporates the best features of French Press and Pourover brewing methods, without any of the hassles. You can use it with a paper filter to make a flavourful and crisp cup of coffee or delicious Cold Brew without any of the added oiliness. It can also be used with a wire filter: This lets more oils diffuse into the coffee giving it a richer, creamier body that pairs wonderfully with milk.

Capacity: 500 ml
Weight: 650 gm
BPA free plastic material
Transparent brown
Size 15.2 cm (Height) x 12.7 (Depth) x 15.2 cm (width)

What's in the box:
Clever Coffee Dripper
#4 filters (pack of 100)

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