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Easy To Carry Combo


These are our single-serve pour-over bags. Fresh coffeeAnywhere. Anytime.
We bring to you an outstanding cup of coffee no matter where you are with our single-serve pour-over coffee Drip't Kit.
Drip'd Kit contains 12 grams of freshly roasted KCROASTERS Kelagur Washed coffee in a perfectly packaged, single-serve pourover bag. Just add hot water and you’ve got the perfect cup of coffee in four minutes.
No prep. No cleanup. Just really good coffee.
The coffee comes in a nitro-flushed pour-over bag to retain freshness. Ready to use with just a cup & hot water.
Quantity - Each  box contains 10 pour-over coffee sachets.
Shelf Life - 4 months (120 days)
Single Malt Cask Aged Coffee Bar - Smooth and sophisticated Long, bold, intricate lingering notes of oak, blood orange and dark molasses paired with our Malabar forest cacao, aged in 'Amrut' Indian Single Malt Whiskey cask


Pack Contents :

Kelagur Washed Drip'd Kit/ Ratnagiri Washed Drip'd Kit

Single Malt Cask Aged Coffee Bar/S'mores Coffee Bar/Spiced Tea Latte Chocolate Bar


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