Doraikanal Estate | Dark Roast Coffee | Subscription

A sip of Doraikanal begins with a delicate, nutty flavour and ends with an astonishing rush of cocoa. You can also smell the aroma of cocoa in Doraikanal whole beans and ground coffee powder.

Doraikanal Estates is home to 200-year-old Shola trees under whose shade this award-winning coffee is cultivated using traditional organic methods. Since the coffee is processed at the farm itself, it ensures the highest quality green coffee beans that we source and then roast and custom grind the beans to ground coffee powder suitable for your coffee maker.

Region: Pulneys, Tamil Nadu
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 4000 Feet
Best with: Espresso, Clever Dripper, Cold Brew, Moka Pot, South Indian Filter
Cupper's Notes: Roasted Chestnuts and Rich Cocoa

- It makes for a great filter coffee and Cold Brew.
- Each bag of Doraikanal coffee whole beans/ground coffee powder is shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting

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