Kerehaklu Estate Coffee Sampler Pack

If you'd like to taste different coffees before selecting one, give our sampler packs a try! Each pack contains 3 X 120 gm bags of the finest dark roast coffee. It's also the perfect gift for introducing specialty coffee to a friend or family member.

Our coffee beans are roasted fresh in Mumbai, custom ground to suit your need and shipped in bio-degradable bags.

This Kerehaklu sampler pack contains:

Shieldtail 10 Dark Roast -
Chocolate Fudge, Oak, Almond Rocher, Pear

Halley Huli - Ripe Jackfruit, Banana, Passionfruit, and Jasmine Flowers

Shieldtail 10 Medium Roast -  hazelnut rocher, cacao butter, caramel toffee, Apricot

To customise, leave us a note at checkout mentioning your preferred coffees.

Please Note: We can't add limited edition coffees to these packs. They are available at an additional cost.

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