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Kelagur Naturals (Medium Roast Coffee) | KCROASTERS By Koinonia

For the first time, experience a beautiful mix of floral & fruity notes in our single origin Indian coffee. Our Kelagur Naturals brews a perfect afternoon cuppa, that's best enjoyed black.

This natural sun-dried coffee comes from Kelagur Estates situated at 3500 feet. Kelagur Estates is a member of Specialty Coffee Association of India (SCAI) and exports most of its coffee to Australia, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. It also has its own pulping and curing facilities that ensure coffee is always processed at peak freshness for optimum flavour.  

Region: Chikmagalur, Karnataka 
Process: Natural Sun-dried
Altitude: 3500 Feet 
Best with: Clever Dripper - PourOver, AeroPress, V60, French Press
Cupper's Notes: Jasmine, Caramel, & Jackfruit

- Our fresh coffee beans are roasted in Mumbai, daily.
- All our single origin Arabica coffees go through testing and quality checks at the farm and roast level to ensure a quality and delicious cup each time.

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