Pulney Hills | Dark Roast Coffee

The long nostalgia of our childhood Black Forest cake comes alive with every sip of this coffee.

One among highest growing regions in Tamil Nadu. The coffees at the Pulney Hills are dense and have a beautiful aftertaste because of the high growing Region. The high elevations are a characteristic of the Ethiopian Highland and the arabica are termed as SHG - strictly high grown arabica coffees. The farm is completely organic and devoid of pesticides and fertilisers. The coffees are intercropped with oranges, cardamom, pepper and banana.

The beans of the highest brix are identified the colour coded bands are given to workers at the estate to pick the cherries. They are sorted for defects twice before using the penagos washer + pulper. Floats are removed and the coffee beans with little bit of mucilage is dried on simple rudimentary raised beds. They are exposed to morning sun for the first two days and then completely dried in share for a period of 20-25 days.

Region: Pachalur, Tamil Nadu
Process: Anaerobic Washed Parchment
Altitude: 4800 Feet
Best with: Aeropress, V60, Moka Pot, Electric Brewer, Cold Brew
Cupper's Notes: Cherry, Almond, & Cocoa Butter

- This dark roast coffee is perfect to enjoy as black.
- Each coffee bean of our Pulney Hills coffee is roasted to perfection and is tested and cupped for quality and taste after each roasted batch.

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