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Tat Tvam Asi Naturals | Without Yeast | Medium-Light Roast Coffee

We have always enjoyed bringing uniquely processed coffees to you. With our two new Nano-Lots of Tat Tvam Asi Organic, we want you to try two anaerobic naturals coffees that have undergone carbonic maceration.

: Chikmaglur, Karnataka
Process: Anaerobic Naturals
Altitude: 4590 Feet 
Best with: Clever Dripper, Aeropress, V60, French Press, Electric Brewer
Cupper's Notes:
 Mosambi, Nectarine, Rose Water

What's So Special?
Post selective picking, the cherries are fermented in a CO2 rich environment known as Carbonic Maceration (for 48 hours). During this process this particular lot was fermented without Yeast. Post fermentation the cherries were dried over raised beds, with Cascara Tisane sprayed over them three times a day. This process has imparted complexity that you will savour in every cup of this Nano-Lot.

What's So Special About Tat Tvam Asi Estate?
The estate harnesses Organic Farming based on sustainable principles of Permaculture with its strong aim to conserve and promote biodiversity through Organic/Agro-Forestry, Annual Reforestation, Water/Soil Conservation, Off-Grid Living and Sustainable Tourism. The Arabic coffee (Kauveri, selection 9) is shade-grown under the native canopy of forest trees of over 50 species like wild ficus, java plum, jackfruit, 12 varietals of citrus, red cedar, rosewood etc resulting in the stellar fruity & floral cup that you'll savour in this cup.

- A lot of precision and care goes into roasting and cupping all our coffees.
- Like all our coffees, this coffee is roasted fresh and shipped to you in bio-degradable bags within 24 hours of roasting it.

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