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The Whole Truth Immunity Balls - Fortnightly Pack

What are immunity balls?
They're small (~15g), round (duh), potent (extremely), tasty ...well...balls. And they come in two varieties - Anti-Inflammation and Anti-Oxidation. Each ball is jam-packed with ingredients (Turmeric, Matcha, Star Anise, Cranberries etc) that make it extremely effective in combating inflammations and oxidative stress within the body. Consume them as a system (one in the morning and one at night), and you pretty much have everything that food can do to strengthen immunity, covered. Of course, in the absence of deep sleep and regular exercise and good hygiene, these balls can't do much. But bring all those to the party... and these balls are literally AMAZEBALLS!

Pack Contents: 15 X anti-inflammatory balls + 15 X anti-oxidative balls

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