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Home Coffee Grinder - WPM ZD17

ZD-17 Coffee Grinder is the newest version of WPM Coffee Grinder. The new anti-static grinding and feeding system increases the convenience and accuracy of coffee powder output. In addition, the white LED lights on the machine provide a clear vision on the grinding result. Blade calibration system allows user to select the appropriate grinding range easily. Therefore, user can decide different brewing coffee styles and extraction rate. Bi-axis belt drive system enhance the accuracy and consistency of coffee powder. Belt drive motor minimizes the disc movement and thus achieve uniform grinding and minimizes the heat transfer. Setting grinding size: 0 – 7 : Turkish 7 – 15 : Espresso / Moka Pot 10 – 20 : Syphon 15 – 30 : Aeropress, Drip Filter, V60 25 – 20 : Plunger, Chemex, Coffee Dripper

The illuminated cradel and anti-static chamber assist in seamless and accurate grind delivery direcly into the group handle. Adjustable grind and easy-recalibration allows for easy clean and an advanced no-tool recalibration system. Precision Grinder uses a belt drive and dual bearings to minimise any conical burr movement.

Included Components: Grinder Body, 450g Bean Hopper, Burr cleaning brush, 50mm group Handle adapter

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