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Hands of the Farmers

A look at the farms we source our coffee from

Orchardale estate

Orchardale Estate, Yercaud is one of the highest coffee plantations in the Shevaroys with fields ranging between 4700 and 5000 feet. The bauxite soil is rich and deep producing excellent coffee and oranges with huge potential for producing our best coffee yet. Hailing from the same region of Moganad and Gowri Estates, this coffee is nutty with a subtle acidity to leave your palate clean and ready for the next sip. It is reminiscent of a good cup of Kenyan coffee. 

Region: Orchardale Estate, Yercaud  
Process: Washed Parchment 
Altitude: 4700 Feet

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Thalanar estate

Thalanar Estate is found in the mountain of Valparai in Tamil Nadu, at a height of 3500 feet. The farm is surrounded with an abundance of variety of different plants to provide shade for their coffee trees, which produce very complex and flavourful coffee. This natural sun-dried processed coffee is buttery with sweet tropical notes lingering on the palate.

Region: Valparai, Tamil Nadu
Process: Sun-dried
Altitude: 3500 Feet

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Marvahulla Estates

Growing coffee is difficult business. Growing it 5000 feet above sea-level, even more so. For Mr. Sivraj, however, it's just a day at the office. This stately gentleman is part of a rare breed of farmers who take challenges in their stride as they devote themselves to the cultivation of a wholesome coffee bean.

One of the last coffee estates in the famed Nilgiri Mountains, Marvahulla is known for its high peaks and luscious Arabica beans. At such high altitudes, the beans grows denser (i.e. more flavourful) since it takes longer to mature at that height.

Region: Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu
ProcessWashed Parchment
Altitude5000 Feet

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Poabs Organic Estates

Nestled in the Nelliyampathy region, Poabs (pronounced "PO-uhbs") Organic Estates is one of the most decorated multi-crop farms in India. The plantation integrates a holistic approach to cultivation known as "Biodynamic Agriculture" where it operates a self-sustaining unit in a closed ecosystem. Simply put, it's an evolved take on organic farming.

Poabs estate complies with Indian and International norms for ethically-sourced produce and is certified organic. There is special emphasis laid on the environment and the quality of the bean which give this cup a clean, berry-like taste comparable to the much revered East-African varieties.

Poabs Organic Estates offers us a fresh perspective on farming - It manages a superlative coffee plant by nurturing the entire ecosystem that surrounds it.

Region: Nelliyampathy,Kerala
ProcessNatural Sun-dried
Altitude3500 Feet

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Araku Valley

The picturesque Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh stretches across the Eastern Ghats - a protected ecosystem that provides ideal conditions for growing coffee. The hot days and cool nights coupled with the relatively high-altitude of the land makes the coffee ripen slower.This gives its body and taste profile a gravitas that only a few coffees in the world can match.

The tribal farmers here handpick and cultivate their small-lot coffee plantations using biodynamic processes. The unique terroir of the land gives the coffee grown here a complex fruity flavour and an uplifting floral aroma.

Region: Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 4000 Feet

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Kelagur Estates

Staying true to its credo of "putting people first", Kelagur estate has set up a fully-functional hospital, school and chapel for its worker population. The plantation's director, Mr. Mathias aka Uncle Peter is of the firm belief that looking after people is part of making good coffee. We couldn't agree more!

Spread over 120 hectares, the estate is home to some of the most sought-after coffees in the world. It also has on-site pulping and curing facilities that ensure the coffee is always processed at peak freshness.

Kelagur is a farm of startling contrast: Established in 1927, it's counted among the oldest estates in the country. Yet, there is a perceptible sense of innovation driven by the actions of Uncle Peter. The farm continually experiments with new varieties and storage methods as it pushes the boundaries of speciality Indian coffee.

Region: Manjarabad, Karnataka
Process: Natural Sun-dried
Altitude: 3500 Feet

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Gowri Estates

Gowri Estate is situated on the south-west slopes of the Shevaroy Hill Range located in Tamil Nadu, India. This plush land receives upwards of 50 inches of rainfall through the year which ensures that the soil is constantly fed with the right balance of micro and macro-nutrients essential to bear the perfect coffee fruit.

These plantations were originally started in the late 18th century by the British and then acquired by the MSP family in the early nineteenth century where they've remained for the last 100 years. Gowri estate is also home to several species of indigenous forest trees under whose shade this award-winning arabica is interplanted and cared for.

: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 4400 Feet

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Moganad Estates

Moganad Estate is a 5th generation family-run estate located in the scenic Yercaud Hills of Tamil Nadu. The coffee plants are carefully nurtured and raised in special nurseries alongside the exotic fruit and spice trees that are interplanted with them.

The strains of Arabica coffee are grown under a mixed canopy and harvested once fully ripe where selected beans are then sun-dried as cherry coffee.

Moganad Estate is also 'Rainforest Alliance' and 'UTZ' certified which means that only the latest and most eco-responsible methods of farming are implemented in this flourishing bio-system. The farm is also home to a thriving tourism industry where coffee enthusiasts can experience the joy of knowing exactly where their coffee comes from.

Region: Yercaud, Tamil Nadu
Process: Natural Sun-dried
Altitude: 4050 Feet

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Doraikanal Estates

Situated in the pristine Lower Pulney Hills of the Western Ghats, Doraikanal Estates is surrounded by the Kudaganar river on three sides. This award-winning farm is home to a flourishing ecosystem that is watched over by gigantic Shola trees that are over 200 years old!

The coffee is cultivated without the use any weedicide or insecticide to minimise environmental impact. The owner, Mr. Arun Nagarajan is a 3rd generation coffee-farmer whose devotion to growing speciality Indian arabica is quite apparent - The Coffee is processed in a modern "McKinnon" pulping unit, naturally fermented, manually washed and sun-dried to bring out the varied nuances in its flavour and body.

Region: Pulneys, Tamil Nadu
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 4000 Feet

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