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Moka Pot

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee sounds like the perfect start to a day! There are times when our coffee turns out bland, and our mind goes blank. Whether you need to work all night for the presentation or study for the next exam, a perfect cup of coffee gives you the energy to focus. 

Want a nice warm cup of coffee every day? For coffee lovers, steaming coffee kicks off the day, and there is nothing better than a Moka coffee pot

Here is why you should use one. 

The aroma and flavor of Moka pot coffee depend on the bean quality, variety,  roast level, and more. Moka pots produce coffee with an extraction amount higher than any traditional coffee maker. What’s more? These affordable coffee makers help you brew the perfect cup of coffee, giving the Moka coffee flavor a thicker, different taste than espresso. 

A compact eight-side wonder, the Moka coffee pot brews espresso-style coffee without hovering with large, high-maintenance machines. Even to espresso fans, it doesn't lack crema, nor does it taste burnt. Still, if you want to avoid the burnt flavor, pre-boil the water before adding it to the lower chamber. 

How to perfectly steam coffee with a Moka pot?

For a standard 6-cup Moka pot:

Step 1: Crush 20-25 grams of coffee beans. Do not keep it too coarse or too fine. Keep the consistency just like powdered sugar.

Step 2: Fill the lower level with water until it comes into the valve line. Then place the coffee basket into the pot. 

Step 3: Fill the coffee basket with ground coffee beans, level the base, and clear the funnel's rim. 

Step 4: Latch the Moka pot tightly on the top.

Step 5: Place the pot on any heat source. If you are using gas, do not keep the flame higher than the pot’s base so the whole body doesn't get exposed to direct heat.

Step 6: When the water in the lower chamber boils, the pressure created in the funnel forces a stream of coffee to move to the upper chamber. If you hear a gurgling sound, immediately remove the pot from heat sources. Leave the coffee to secrete in the upper chamber and then pour your freshly brewed homemade coffee and enjoy espresso-like aroma and taste without investing a fortune.


For next use, cleaning a Moka pot thoroughly is important. Use hot water instead of soap water. Still, if there is any residue left, use a caffeine-based cleaner to avoid soapy after taste. 

Well, that’s all! So now that you have your very own access to espresso-like coffee at home, what are you waiting for? Buy our Bialetti Moka Pot today!