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Hario Drip Kettle

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The Hario drip kettle allows you to precisely control the brewing rate so that every cup is perfect. You can control how fast the water passes through this Japanese design.

The coffee drip kettle gives you maximum accuracy and control for slow-drip coffee brewing with its slender spout and long handle. 

When you want to pour over some water into your brewing equipment, it is essential to have a comfortable experience since you deal with almost boiling water. 

Hario Kettle allows you to do just that. With its ergonomic design, well-molded handle, and low-mounted spout, you can easily pour water to start the brewing process. 

How to brew coffee using the Hario kettle:

Step 1: Place the drip kettle on the stove and start boiling water. Make sure that your brewing temperature is anywhere between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2: Place the filter in a v60/pour-over equipment. Pour some water so that the filter becomes damp.

Step 3: Add your ground coffee into the filter + dripper, then add a little water over it. This will start heating and extracting flavor from beans.

Step 4: Pour more water in a circular motion to extract all of its flavors and aromas. Avoid pouring straight onto your filter paper, as this will produce too much pressure that can cause grounds at the bottom to seep through before brewing is finished!

Step 5: When you’re done pouring, let the coffee finish dripping. It should slow down in 4 minutes, and then your brew will be ready!

Step 6: Now that you have your coffee ready, enjoy it!