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coffee beans processing


We forge partnerships with our farmers and share international best-practices with them. The goal is to ultimately reframe the commoditised perception of Indian coffee to what it truly is – Delicious.

probat coffee roaster


Each batch of our hand-selected speciality coffee is sampled before being roasted in our top-of-the-line Probat Roaster.  Through craft roasting, we take the beans on a journey as we attempt to either highlight or layer its inherent flavours.

barista checking tamp level


Great brewing is all about melding the various flavours of coffee into one synchronised dance. Through our accreditations and rigor, we’ve developed sensitivity to the tiniest differences in flavour profiles all in praise of great Indian coffee.

latte art


Koinonia is more than the sum of its parts. It is an open dialogue between the farmers, roasters, extractors and the end consumer. We’re all for creating a culture united in its pursuit of great Indian coffee!