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La Marzocco | Pico Grinder

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Introducing the La Marzacco Pico Grinder, a reliable and consistent home coffee grinder designed to elevate the morning espresso routine. With meticulous attention to detail, the Pico seamlessly blends simplicity, reliability, and exceptional shot quality, ensuring superbly ground coffee without compromising on componentry. Equipped with a brushless induction motor featuring noise reduction technology, precise dose selection and programmability, an adjustable magnetic portafilter fork, and a unique auto-close hopper design, the Pico Grinder guarantees dependable and consistent brewing results. Its user-friendly interface and easy cleaning make it a pleasure to incorporate into the daily routine, while its compact form factor seamlessly fits into any kitchen. The Pico handles intricate variables effortlessly, providing a worry-free brewing experience. Embrace the artistry of the La Marzocco Pico as it delivers a remarkable grind without compromise, offering you a tranquil and enjoyable coffee experience every time.

Specifications - 
- Burr Size - 39mm conical burrs
- Productivity: 1.5-1.7 grams per secont 
-Retention: 2 gram 
-HopperuCapacity: 300 grams of coffee bean
-Dimensions: L: 154mm (6.06 inchese), W: 285mm (11.22 inchese), H: 390mm (15.35 inch
-Material: Die-cast aluminum main body with customizable steel panels

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