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Step 1

 Bring about 200 ml of water.

And grind 40 grams of fresh coffee beans to a grind size slightly finer than sea salt.

Step 2

Get the Aeropress ready to brew by inserting the filter paper in Aeropress's detachable cap.

Step 3

Next, rinse the filter paper with hot water to get rid of any paper flavour.

Step 4

Assemble the Aeropress and make sure the device is completely dry to avoid any unnecessary moisture.

Step 5

Place the device on a scale, inverted (numbers upside-down).

This inverted method makes sure that you don't have any leakage while brewing your coffee.

Step 6

Add all your fresh coffee grounds to the Aeropress.

Make sure there's no spillage.

Step 7

Now, start a timer and add double the amount of water than the grounds, so 40 ml of water for 20 grams of coffee.

The water temperature should be about 93 degrees celsius. Make sure all the coffee is saturated and paddle it gently if need be and let it sit for 30 seconds.

Step 8

Pour the remaining water in the chamber and let it sit for a minute.

And then stir the grounds multiple times .

Step 9

Now fasten the cap firmly and flip the whole equipment quickly with a firm grip.

Place it on a carafe or a brewing vessel of your choice and apply downward pressure. You will feel resistance; if the press feels too easy then your grind is too coarse, and if it's too hard to push then your grind is too fine.

Your coffee is brewed when you hear a hissing sound.

Step 10

Unscrew the cap, and pop out the filter with the wet grounds by pushing the AeroPress slightly.

You can dilute the coffee with some hot water if you enjoy a slightly more delicate body.
Coffee Recommendation: Sirvase, Red Honey, Orchardale