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Step 1

Weigh 55 grams of coffee and grind it to a medium size, almost the size of granulated sugar.

Step 2

Brewing a Cold Brew with this Cold Brew Bottle is super easy. It only needs to be assembled and left alone for 24 hours.

Start by twisting the filter to open it.

Step 3

Add ground coffee powder to the bottom compartment of the filter.

Step 4

Secure the top part of the filter into the bottom chamber, firmly.

Step 5

Now simply twist the filter into the top of the bottle. Make sure the bottle cap is removed while you do so.

Step 6

Attach the filter and bottle cap to the glass bottle base.

Step 7

Fill the bottle with room temperature water till the top square mark. Screw the cap and shake gently.

Let the coffee brew for 24 hours.

Step 8

After 24 hours, give the bottle a gentle shake and your Cold Brew is ready.

Detach the filter from the cap.

Pour this smooth brew over ice and enjoy it chilled or add milk to make your own iced latte at home.
Coffee Recommendation: Doraikanal, Amrut Cask Aged