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Step 1

Begin by grinding about 20-22 grams of your favourite coffee as fine as you would for an espresso.

Step 2

Fill the bottom half of your Moka Pot with hot water that's fresh off the boil.

Step 3

Now fill the Moka Pot's filter basket with ground coffee powder and give a gentle shake to settle the powder evenly.

Securely place it into the bottom compartment.

Step 4

Carefully fix on the pot's top part with the handle on the bottom chamber.

The bottom chamber will be hot so be careful.

Step 5

Place the pot on stove on medium heat.

Step 6

When the water in the bottom chamber starts boiling, the pressure will push a flow of coffee into the top chamber. You'll hear a bubbling sound when this happens.

If the flame's too hot, the coffee will explode upward. If it's too low, it'll burble lethargically.

A Moka Pot coffee can also be used to whip up a flavourful Tiramisu at home.
Coffee Recommendation: Gowri, Marvahulla, Doraikanal