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Purple Project By Kelagur Estate | Medium Roast Coffee

Purple Project brews a high bodied, thick, and complex cup bursting with intrigue.

What's So Special?
Coffee cherries start to bloom and turn red when they ripen.
We've handpicked the biggest, ripest, juiciest coffee cherries to bring you this complex coffee. We gave these cherries a little more time till they were purple and full of flavour. We picked the coffee and slow dried it on African raised drying beds. These fresh coffee beans are then roasted to perfection and each batch is cupped to ensure the most consistent taste and quality.

Region: Chikmaglur, Karnataka
Process: Natural Sun-Dried
Altitude: 3500 Feet 
Best with: Espresso, Aeropress, South Indian Filter, Moka Pot, Electric Brewer
Cupper's Notes: Cacao, Blackberries & Peach

- A lot of precision and care goes into roasting and cupping all our coffees.
- Like all our coffees, this coffee is roasted fresh and shipped to you in bio-degradable bags within 24 hours of roasting it.

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