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Limited Edition - Nordic Linea Mini

Wood, water, and auroras combine in a simple & beautiful way, creating a genuine sense of comfort on any countertop.

La Marzocco’s 2023 Special Edition Linea Mini. The Nordic Linea Mini is a visual journey through the Nordic region and draws inspiration from the comforting and inviting atmosphere found across Nordic culture. Twilight-blue body panels are adorned with reflective aurora-speckling, brass accents, and maple wood custom parts, creating a warm and inviting feel that is perfect for a cozy morning routine.The Nordic Linea Mini comes with connected machine capabilities, performance touch steam wand, and standard Linea Mini features. Available in limited quantities. 


height (cm/in) -37,7 / 15

width (cm/in) 35,7 / 14

depth (cm/in) 45,3 / 18

weight (kg/lbs) 30 / 66

voltage 220-240V / 115V

ampere (A) 8A (220-240V) / 14A (115V)

element wattage 1820 W (220-240V) / 1620 (115V)

steam boiler (liters) 3

Main Features-

Groups - 1

Boiler type - dual boilers

Pump type - single internal rotary pump

PID Temperature Controller - yes

Indicator lights - water level indicator lights

Body panel - nordic blue

Features -

Dual boilers - Separate boilers optimize espresso brewing and steam production.

Integrated group - A combined boiler and brew group achieve thermal stability in a reduced footprint.

Hot water spout - Convenient spout for rinsing portafilter between shots.

Thermal stability system - As water passes through each feature, temperature is further stabilized

Internal pump - Self contained rotary pump without compromising performance.

PID control - Stepped temperature wheel allows for user adjustment.

Water reservoir - A self-contained 2 liter water reservoir makes plumbing optional.

Barista lights - LED lighting allows you to focus on your extraction and the cup.

Home app connectable - The La Marzocco Home Mobile App connects the home machine and the home barista in ways never before possible. When using the app, the phone becomes a new display for the machine.

Pro touch steam - wand High performing steam wand that remains always cool to the touch thanks to thermal insulation

Warranty Period:
12 months service and warranty included, and AMC applicable there after.
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