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Best Beans to Make Great Coffee With A French Press - KCROASTERS by Koinonia

Best Beans to Make Great Coffee With A French Press

October 19, 2021

The ritual of preparing the ideal cup of coffee in the morning is a religious one for a lot of coffee aficionados. French press coffee is favored by many coffee connoisseurs. There isn't a single step in the entire process of producing coffee in a French press that interferes with the flavor of the ground coffee beans — no paper filters, no extra plastic, and no contact with paper filters. To top it all off, the coffee press is completely portable and self-contained.

The actual taste of coffee, without hindrance, is retained throughout the brewing process, resulting in a robust flavor in each cup. The French press, without a doubt, improves the taste of coffee while preserving its texture, density, and caffeine content.

The french press is a manual brewing process, meaning you're not relying on an electronic gadget to perform all of the work for you. You are in charge of measuring your materials, grinding the coffee if you want to, pouring in the water, timing the brew, and pressing the plunger.

Is it more hands-on than making coffee in a regular electronic coffee maker? Yes.

Is learning difficult, time-consuming, or challenging? Absolutely not!

It takes roughly 2 minutes to heat water. Brewing takes about 4 minutes. It's a calming, scented process that lasts 6 minutes in total. That's not bad at all!

And, here's what you get:

1. Rich, Aromatic Coffee.

When you brew coffee in a French Press, there is no element that tampers with the natural flavor of your coffee beans. So, you can be assured to enjoy a richly aromatic coffee that takes out the best of your beans.

2. Full Bodied, Flavoured Coffee.

In a French Press, the coffee grounds are immersed in the water completely, for a longer period of time, when compared to other brewing methods. That makes the coffee fuller and bolder.

But the most important step in making the perfect cup of French Pressed Coffee is - picking the right type of grind size. Pick the wrong one, and you might end up with an under/over-extracted coffee that tastes muddy at best.

The perfect solution for this is to select coarsely ground coffee. This makes sure that the coffee does not block the metal mesh of the French press, and you get minimal grounds in your cup. A coarse grind, in addition to reducing the number of tiny particles that the mesh filter cannot capture, tends to give you a better-brewed coffee, since the coffee grounds are completely immersed in the hot water throughout the brewing process.

Most French press coffee lovers prefer a medium roast or a dark roast when selecting the right beans. With a perfectly roasted and processed specialty coffee, you can reduce the perceived robustness of dark roasted beans, which some people dislike. 

Now that you’re convinced that French Press has the ability to serve you the most amazing cup of coffee every day, let us take a look at great coffees for a French Press.

1. Gowri - Ultra Dark Roast

Cupper's Notes: Roasted Hazelnuts and Marzipan

Gowri - Ultra Dark Roast Coffee

Gowri is a nutty ultra-dark coffee with roasted hazelnut and marzipan notes. This Vienna roast coffee produces a flavorful, full-bodied black coffee.

This coffee farm's higher elevation and rich soil produce a more flavorful cup of coffee than lower elevation farms. Gowri won the ‘Best Indian Arabica Fine Cup' award in 2017. This is possibly one of the best coffees for French Press.

2. Marvahulla - Dark Roast

Cupper's Notes: Cocoa and Caramel

Marvahulla - Dark Roast Coffee

From the first sip of Marvahulla, your senses will be captivated by a chocolaty rush accompanied by caramel. For a French Press brew, this is our personal favorite.

Marvahulla, one of our best-selling coffees in India, comes from one of the last remaining coffee estates in the famed Nilgiri Mountains. It is well-known for its lofty peaks and luscious Arabica beans. Because it takes longer to mature at that height, the coffee bean grows denser (i.e., more flavorful). Insects and pests find it difficult to survive in these conditions, reducing the farm's reliance on chemicals.

3. Doraikanal - Dark Roast

Cupper's Notes: Roasted Chestnuts and Rich Cocoa

Doraikanal - Dark Roast Coffee

A sip of Doraikanal starts with a delicate, nutty flavor and ends with an amazing rush of cocoa. The aroma of cocoa can also be detected in Doraikanal whole beans.

Doraikanal Estates is home to 200-year-old Shola trees, under the shade of which this award-winning coffee is grown using traditional organic methods. Because the coffee is processed on the farm, we ar e able to source the highest quality green coffee beans, which we then roast and custom grind for French Press.

4. Poabs Organic - Medium Roast 

Cupper's Notes: Raspberry, Vanilla, Cocoa

This organic coffee will amaze you with its juicy and fruity mouthfeel. It's quite savory and works very well with a French press.

Poabs Organic Harvest uses a holistic approach to cultivation known as 'Biodynamic Agriculture.' The farm produces its own organic pesticides, avoiding the use of harmful chemical pesticides in the cultivation of coffee cherries. This special eco-friendly technique gives the cup a clean, berry-like flavor similar to some of the popular East African varieties. When brewed as a pour-over or French press coffee, the fruity acidity shines through.

All of these coffees are perfectly ground to provide the best cup of coffee from your French Press. Make sure to instantly pour all the coffee from your pot after brewing - if you don’t, the coffee will keep brewing slowly. It might ruin the taste and turn into an undrinkable sludge. 

These perfect beans for French Press, sure to give you a rich, aromatic cup of coffee, will definitely give you a great start to the day.