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Snakehead 10 by Kerehaklu | Medium-Light Roast Coffee

Exclusive KCROASTERS Release!

After the immense love that we received for Sheildtail 9 & Sheildtail 10, we saved this exclusive release for International Coffee Day.

What's In The Name?
Reptilian by name, reptilian at first sight - but actually a fish.
Snakeheads are the most common and dominant group of air-breathing freshwater fish in India - and ones that have piqued our communal ecological interests. In the coffee yard, we took it up a notch this season with this naturally processed coffee - using our spring water - the habitat for Kerehaklu’s Snakeheads. We can honestly say that these are the best coffees ever produced - and only apt to name it after the ‘murrel’ as we call it in Kannada. 
The snakehead is an indigenous fish to India which are present in these very spring water-fed lakes within Kerehaklu - giving it its name

Why The '10' In The Name?
The 10 in the name actually refers to the Selection 10 varietal that we have chosen exclusively for you all. This lot is a carefully processed Selection 10 from the Nandi Block of Kerehaklu. The plants are intercropped with citrus, below a canopy of fig trees. The Snakehead Natural Process was undertaken where the fruits were first harvested selectively from the bushes and a ripe-only approach. These were then brought back, rinsed thoroughly with floats removed. Following that, the fruits fermented in whole-fruit but under spring water and within barrels - with certain parameters regularly checked.

These were then dried on raised beds for ten days with regular raking and sorting.

: Chikmaglur, Karnataka
Process: Washed Parchment
Altitude: 3750 Feet 
Best with: Clever Dripper, Aeropress, V60, French Press, Electric Brewer
Cupper's Notes: Smoked Pineapple, Jackfruit, Apple

- A lot of precision and care goes into roasting and cupping all our coffees.
- Like all our coffees, this coffee is roasted fresh and shipped to you in bio-degradable bags within 24 hours of roasting it.

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